OPEN MIC - Blonde Ale

Open Mic Blone Ale… The best place to start if you’re new to Craft beer?

A lot of beer lovers have never actually tried craft beer. And when they have the taste was too ‘strong’ or ‘heavy’. So they never want to try it again. There can be so many reasons for this. Maybe it was not fresh? Maybe the food they had eaten was not paired correctly. Also if they had asked a few questions to the ‘brewer’ or salesman their taste buds and general enjoyment would have been satisfied.

It’s quite a con to think that a lighter colour/hue beer is lite in taste or alcohol. Heavy beers can be any range of colours. But if you are new to craft and fresh beers then a Blonde Ale is the best place to start. Lighter grains and lower alcohol and filtering make it clear and tight knit foam make it look and pour like the commercial beer people are used to. Very often an ale has no foamy head as it has oils and a few complications. But that doesnt mean it flat. It also means you can have more than one. So it’s often called a session Ale. We call iot Open Mic as that’s where all comedians start their comedy careers. Pronounced ‘Open Mike’.