Hi I’m Dave

I am a comedian. I love craft Beer. I never ever thought I’d be making my own brand of beer one day. I call it Davebrew. And it’s made for people with taste buds. Like you. I have contracted a brewer to craft a beer for you. It’s serious beer, from a comedian. I say; buy this beer, because it’s way cheaper to buy beer that’s already been hand crafted, than it is to make your own! Since tasting my first craft beer in ‘98, I’ve looked for that special ‘taste’. Then I thought maybe I should make my own beer? Davebrew Promises to always be fresh & tasty. But you can’t please everybody. So if you don’t like it, buy one for someone else. Cheers!


Most companies never have the opportunity to hire the services of top comedians. There might be budget issues, or they’re just not big enough to have a big awards evening or conference? But every office has a spot or space where people gather for a drink or to let off some steam. Contact Dave if you’d like to have three comedians come and entertain your over-worked office dwellers for an hour. We’ll even throw in a keg of tasty Davebrew. And you get to be a hero as your staff laugh their troubles away, all because you ordered a barrel of laughs. Click here


Allow me to explain why it’s ‘comedy flavoured’? When you watch a stand-up comedy show you feel uplifted. Those are things called Endorphins, they release happy-vibes into your brain. A fresh, tasty beer, should give you that same feeling. How do I link beer and comedy? Well… When a comedian performs badly, they say he or she ‘died’ on stage! But if they do well, they have ‘killed’! So comedy is pretty much a life and death situation! I sometimes leave a stage when I die, and want to give up comedy for ever! But I can’t. I love it too much. And a death on stage is always an opportunity to learn. Sometimes craft beer has a tendancy to make people feel the same it either ‘kills’ or ‘dies’ it’s called Marmite effect. Some people just don’t get the joke or the ‘specialness’ of hand-crafted beer? Why drink it? It’s got alcohol, so that’s good? Plus, it’s full of fresh ingredients, which makes it healthy. With variants named after popular comedy terms like ‘Heckler’, ‘Punchline’, Blonde Joke and ‘Front Row’. Find the one you like. It’s for people who enjoy drinking responsibly & laughing with friends. There’s a lot of us. And we need a beer!


Over time your tongue has taken a beating. Thousands of tastes buds have died by the time you’re 20! Or if you smoke they are dead too. So here’s info to help you find a beer your ‘Buds’ will like. The Dave Brew Range. *Some of these are seasonal beers, and rely on variables like weather and availability of hops. See our range below. Also we have used the word Buds and not Bud.. so don’t sue us just yet…

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I didn’t start my beer brand just because craft beer is the ‘new thing’. I made it for me, because I love the various tastes of crafted beer. I also have a background in graphic design and marketing, so I love the creative process as much as the beer. I admit I brew it to suit my taste. But it turns out there are people who have the same taste buds as me. If you like seasonal, small batch, craft beer, try Davebrew. You’ll never be disappointed.


I saw a t-shirt once that read: ‘DON’T BRO ME. IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME. But I really don’t mind if you call me ‘bro’. ‘So why is it not called ‘Dave Bru’? You see, in South Africa we refer to a friend or close ‘brother’ and buddy as ‘Brooo’. But I wanted people to know it was a brewed beverage. And one day when Davebrew is exported, nobody will have a clue what ‘Bru’ means? But you’re welcome to still call me ‘bru’.


This craft beer is contract brewed for me by the kindest and most experienced brewer, called Eben. His brewery is Three Stags Brewery (TSB). I may joke around on stage, but I take my craft brew very seriously.



HEADLINER - APA (American Pale Ale)

FRONT ROW - Golden Ale

BLONDE JOKE - Blonde Ale